Vintage Soul & Forward Thinking

Goodness we arose early this morning.

Antiques markets start at dawn and you need to be an early bird to pick up the choice of one-off pieces of furniture. A strong cup of coffee for fortification and we dedicate ourselves to personally selecting the unique, quirky, beautiful items we have developed a reputation for collating in the shop.

In our passion for interior design there is nothing we enjoy more than creating a ‘new look’. But a ‘new look’ does not necessarily mean new things. There is a heart and soul in vintage pieces that cannot be found in off-the-shelf furniture so beloved by the flat-pack generation.

Vintage furniture, with its softly faded hues, quality of construction and great design, gives an interior individuality, heart and balance. A good mix is essential to add character to a space.

We are often commissioned to source specific items of retro furniture. So if you require that mid-century chest of drawers or that Art Deco side table, then a bit of forward thinking; let us know your requirements and we will set about finding it for you.


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